Hard Not to Believe in Fate

Do you believe in fate/destiny?

Fate has been traveling along with humans for many centuries now. The Greeks had the three Fates in their mythology. These three sisters were granted the power to decide the date of man, woman, child by Zeus. Many other cultures carry similar representation for Fate.

Destiny can be quite similar to fate. In fact, some people use them interchangeably. Upon looking into things further though I found how they differ. I always thought they were the same. Fate is a life pre-determined by a higher power of some sort. Be it the Fates, or a god/goddess. Destiny is a self- determined path. It is one created by oneself. Destiny can be changed and doesn’t go against your will.

I guess I had a hybrid feeling about both. I feel like things are set to happen for a reason, but the path can be changed by the choices made. Kind of like alternate realities with quantum physics. Or souls reincarnating with a purpose to potentially learn lessons from the previous life in order to move on to a better life in the next reincarnation.

I can see how people could go further in one direction or the other. Dismissing life happenings as coincidences and strong feelings and dreams instead of things happening for a reason or happening because of the choices you made. To those who blindly think that everything is left in the hands of a higher power and nothing they do will change what has happened.

I do think people need to be accountable for their actions in their lives and shouldn’t use fate as an excuse for any and everything they do. Though sometimes life seems to throw curve balls into your path to set you in a new direction that was not your choice. This makes destiny hard to fully believe in on its own.

This is why I have a hybrid approach to the matter. I doubt I’m in the the minority on this one, but surprises can happen. I think this approach on the matter has been around for centuries too though.

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