Info Update

Hello world!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Colleen.

I have many labels depending on who you speak with. Mom, sonographer, millennial, wife, friend, writer, etc. are all common ones that can be used to describe me. I could keep on going into more detail if needed. I am sure you will get the idea from this blog post.

Ever get the feeling of wanting to do things or try things? Maybe even going out of your way to buy things for it and try it out? I know I sure have! Maybe it’s my Gem Moon that has me bouncing through hobbies like a toddler goes through toys. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have decided this year that I’m not going to sit on doing things, but take action! I’ll be writing all about it here. Writing is one of those things I want to take action on. Moving on from journaling, poetry, and personal projects to a more public outlet.

I hope to keep this record to show what I have taken action on, the things I have learned, and how I have grown from the experiences. I hope you can find enjoyment or learn something as well!

Let’s begin this journey!

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