My biggest and longest lesson

What experiences in life helped you grow the most?

Life is full of experiences that can help you grow for the better or for the worse. Lessons that can teach a person to improve come I many forms. One just needs to look at the areas of these lessons to see how they could change and try different things.

My biggest lesson came to be around thirteen years ago and will keep continuing on for years to come. It has been the hardest and challenging lesson thus far in my life. In many ways it is the most rewarding (I can only hope it will keep staying that way).

That lesson is….

Becoming a Mom!

I had always wanted to be a mother. I was lucky to be raised by a beautiful, smart mom. And she was raised by another beautiful smart mom (my grandmother). So having good remodels in my life helped, and still does!

What I didn’t expect was to get pregnant at twenty-one. Instead of running off to Europe to work, and experience life, I was given a life changing shock. Having to switch gears for my life in order to bring this life into the world. Thankfully, his father is a blessing and we have a fantastic co-parent relationship.

Becoming a mom has helped me to grow into a more responsible person. No more cutting classes or lolly gagging on what I wanted to do with my career. I had to pick a path and buckle down on it. I was able to finish school and pass Benjamin boards needed for my career.

That is just a big example of how it made me more responsible. Then there are all the mundane tasks that one with being a parent….an adult maybe. A more grown adult than an average twenty one year old. Planning things out so anything you may need is with you, getting to appointments on time, caring for this new person while caring for this new version of yourself.

I am in my last year of early thirties. Two more kids have been added to my first. Each one adds more things to learn from. I keep learning more things about myself, and about life. To grow in my emotional knowledge and trying to break familial generational reactions to things have been big for me as of late. I honestly do not think I would have grown as an individual if I did not have those three kids to help me grow and learn as I help them grow and learn.

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